January 28, 2012

“Sugar Mommas” Gospel Play Debuts Huge on GMC is pleased to support a quality faith-based show that got it right!

GMC TV, America’s favorite channel for uplifting music and family entertainment, presents the World Television Premiere of the original gospel play “Sugar Mommas,” starring Daytime Emmy© nominee and NAACP Image Award© winner Vanessa Williams (“Lincoln Heights,” “Soul Food”) and NAACP Image Award© winner Terri J. Vaughn (“Meet the Browns,” Daddy’s Little Girls). “Sugar Mommas” premiered on GMC Saturday, January 21ST at 7:00 p.m. ET.

“Sugar Mommas” features a stellar cast including Vanessa Williams (“Lincoln Heights,” “Soul Food”), Terri J. Vaughn (“Meet the Browns,” Daddy’s Little Girls), Rachel True (“Half & Half”), Lamman Rucker (“Meet the Browns,” Why Did I Get Married Too?), Tommy Ford (“Martin”) and the Grammy-nominated Gospel music sensation VaShawn Mitchell.   “Sugar Mommas” is directed by Roger Melvin (“The Love You Save,” “She’s Still Not Our Sister”), and written by Cas Sigers (A Cross To Bear).

Inspiring, heart-warming and hilarious, “Sugar Mommas” centers on three 40-something women who start a bakery together to fulfill their own sweet desires to be independent women after motherhood, failed marriages and the loss of loved ones have left indelible marks on their lives. Together, their story is a celebration of womanhood, the good and the bad, as each learns new lessons about maturing, love and romance, and opportunity.

“Sugar Mommas” follows sisters Sheila (Vaughn) and Lynn (Williams), who have lived very different lives. Sheila is widowed and Lynn recently divorced with a daughter in college.  With time on their hands and longing for something different, they decide to start a business together and, having always loved sweets, a bakery seems a natural choice for them.  When they invite close friend Tommi (Rachel True) to join them as their specialty pie maker, their recipe for success is complete. But these three women’s personalities are as distinct as the cupcake flavors they invent: Lynn is sassy and bold; Sheila is sweet and enduring, often to her own detriment; and Tommi is extremely practical, and the day to day at “Sugar Mommas” becomes an often spicy mix. As old challenges, new loves and opportunities surface, these women embark on a journey of self-awareness, affirmation, and hope as they write the next chapter in their sweet lives.

Sister Sheila (Terri Vaughn), Lynn (Vanessa Williams), and friend Tommi (Rachel True) dancing around at their cupcake bakery. Hence the name, "Sugar Mommas".

“’Sugar Mommas’ is an exceptionally entertaining stage play that provides interesting character roles not only for female actors of color, but for female actors in an age bracket that the entertainment industry as a whole tends to under-represent,” said Leslie Chesloff, executive vice president of programming at GMC. “It’s a life stage that’s rich with possibilities for growth and learning, which this production celebrates—as do we at GMC.”

Terri told, “It is extremely important for us to tell stories of our life. Our life is based on Faith, Love, Family. There is so much on air portraying women, especially Black women in such a reckless, irresponsible manner and I understand there is an audience for that.  However, it is important that we counter those images with images showing Our Faith, Our Love, Our Families, Our Passions, Our Dreams, Our Fears, Our Successes and Failures in a productive, responsible and relatable way.  Art should inspire and build up, not belittle and tear down.  I am all about creating those positive, uplifting images.”

Lamman Rucker plays a building inspector who has the power to give or revoke Sugar Momma

The GMC broadcast of “Sugar Mommas” is produced by Swirl Films’ Eric Tomosunas, who has produced and taped numerous stage plays and feature-length films for television and DVD including, “Love Me or Leave Me,” “The Ideal Husband,” Love for Sale, A Mother’s Prayer, and There’s a Stranger in My House.

“Sugar Mommas” is the sixth original gospel stage play to air in GMC’s hit series following the success of GMC productions “Love Me or Leave Me”, “The Ideal Husband”, “She’s Not Our Sister,” “The Love You Save,” and “She’s Still Not Our Sister.”  GMC, which has more installments planned for 2012, is the only network producing the popular medium and bringing it to a broad television audience.

“We could not be more thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received for our gospel plays, which have become a cornerstone of our programming,” said GMC Vice Chairman Brad Siegel. “These heartwarming, funny and uplifting stories feature characters that are vibrant and real, and who face challenges many of us can identify with. It’s that ‘relatability factor’ that has made this stage play series so successful, and “Sugar Mommas” is no exception.”

“Sugar Mommas” premiered Saturday, January 21st at 7 PM ET Exclusively on GMC. It will re-air on GMC Saturday, January 28 at 5 p.m. EST.

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Sheila (Terri Vaughn) gives her sister Lynn (Vanessa Williams) the side-eye for bringing home a much younger boyfriend Hank (Thomas Ramseur-King).

Grammy-nominated Gospel music sensation VaShawn Mitchell plays Tommi's (Rachel True) husband. Vashawn feels neglected because Tommi schedule get busier with her booming business at Sugar Momma's.

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