April 27, 2012

When A Man Changes…

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Written by: Tony Gaskins
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Many men are looking for “Mrs. Right” but are so far from being “Mr. Right.” As a relationship coach and student of life, I’ve found that if we become what we are looking for then we will find what we are looking for. We attract what we are, not what we want. So if you want to attract something different, you must become something different.

My life changed for the absolute best when I surrendered myself to the will of God. I was trying to do it my way and I was failing. I was trying to lead my wife but I didn’t have anyone leading me. Then I surrendered my life to God, and I started living and loving the way He instructs me in His Word and my life took a turn for the best. A man is the head of the household but a man cannot really lead a woman unless God is leading him.

I read in the Word that a man should love his wife the way Christ loves the church. So even if you’re single, you have to go into dating with that mindset. That scripture alone changed my life and my outlook on love. When I sat back and thought about the unconditional love I have received from Christ, it floored me. I thought of how Christ laid His life down for me so that I may have life eternally, and it moved me to start loving my wife in a new way.

That means that a man should be willing to lead by example, not with words. A man should be willing to sacrifice his own for his woman. A man should look to give to a woman instead of taking from a woman. A man must understand that it’s his duty and call as a man to live, in this way. When a man submits his life to God in the way God has instructed us to live, then a good woman will appear. We don’t see women for who they are, until we know exactly who we are. I can assure any man that if you love a woman the way Christ loves the church, that woman will have no problem at all treating you like the King of the household. This type of love changes a person. That type of love washes a person and renews them. If you are subconsciously looking to deceive women, use women, mistreat women, take their innocence and give nothing in return, then there will be no good women for you! You won’t be able to find a good woman or have a good relationship because you are not pure. The good news is when you change; the people around you will change!

So my call to every man is to surrender to God and walk in His will for your life, and watch how your relationship circumstances change. I speak from experience and it’s almost hard to put into words because of the 180 that happened in my life. This is the answer to your problems; forsake your will and do His will.

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Tony Gaskins
Tony is a husband, father, author, life/relationship coach, motivational speaker and filmmaker. In 2009, Gaskins was invited to the sets of The Oprah Winfrey Show and Tyra Banks Show. These opportunities catapulted him into a larger market where he could more widely share portions of his heartfelt story with the world. His clients spread over several continents and range in age from 16 to 65 years old. Gaskins admits that the wisdom and favor is all from the grace of God and none of his own.