July 20, 2012

Chicago’s Christian-Themed Events for 20 & 30-Something’s

CHICAGO, IL- It’s Friday, you’re Christian, and have nowhere to go? Aaron Mallory is looking to change that, starting in the Windy City. At age 24, he is striving to ensure that Christian young people to have a social life without the stigmas of going to nightclubs and bars.

Mallory’s ministry, Guide Right Ministries, put on their first event in late June 2012 after a couple of months of planning and aggressive marketing. The event was called “Cafe 23” based on the theme of spoken word and musical performances by local Christian artists. “We want to give young adults a clean, Christian-based place to be educated and have a good time and be around like-minded people, keeping it engaging and fun,” says Mallory.

The need comes from the lack of avenues for Christian youths to go out without hanging in clubs or bars, or doing predictable “safe” activities. “One of the things that turns off non-believers is the stigma that once you’re saved, you can’t have any fun.” Mallory and many others like him are starting to change that opinion of non-believers and some discouraged believers.

Mallory explained the difference between going to a Christian hangout type of event versus a secular club; atmosphere is a major component in both scenarios. “There should never be a fight,” he explained when it comes to providing the right atmosphere for a Christian themed event. This includes providing clean, positive, Christian-based music. “Certain things take place at a club because the atmosphere is set up for that,” says Mallory, noting that the atmosphere dictates what people are going to think and do.

“It’s Saturday night, and 9/10 times churches will hold events that end early…at 10pm we still have a lot of energy and want to go kick it,” says Mallory. After Cafe 23, attendants were signing up and inquiring about the next event, and Mallory has plenty of ideas.

Mallory wants to change social scene for young adult Christians and organize events that are fun, engaging, and enlightening. Other events to look for include a Gospel comedy show, Christian mingle, all-white themed cruise, Gospel concerts with local artists, and more. Want to make a change in the social scene around you? Mallory says to go for it. “Change comes from doing things different; being innovative and different yet still do it for God.”

Mallory’s next event is Café 23’s “The Official Christian Kickback and Mingle” event on Friday, July 27, 2012 at 8:30-11:00 p.m. at the Black Cloud Art Gallery [1901 S. Halsted, Chicago]. There is no cover charge for this event. Guests are encouraged to dress to impress, enjoy some positive music and engage in great conversation.

For more information on the mingle event, email

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