November 4, 2012

VIDEO: Mary Mary + at GMC-TV Network

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Written by: Kim Ford
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Recently I was invited to sit down with two of my favorite sisters, Erica and Tina Campbell of Mary Mary at GMC-TV network. We discussed the January 19th airing of the 2013 Stellar Awards…of which they are hosting with Kirk Franklin and are nominated for 9 Stellar Awards! They gave us the scoop on what it takes to constantly create hits. “It’s hard to pin point, but there’s one thing we do before every single record. We pray that God will give us what He wants us to say to the world. We pray that it will be innovative, excellent and impactful. He’s definitely answering our prayers.”

When it comes to balancing their schedule and family, they both agreed that you need a strong support system of family, friends and even possibly employees. “A huge key is to accept that this is your life and you won’t be able to make everything at home. When you’re working, stay committed to work. When you’re home, stay committed to home. Try not to mix the two. You won’t be at 100% of everything. Figure out what your sacrifices will be and accept it. Make sure your family knows you love them and that they are priority number one! Quality time is the goal, even if it’s not a lot of quantity time.”

The ladies also shared what they thought were the key ingredients that make marriage work. “Make sure you marry the right one! Make sure the union is ordained by God. You can’t marry wrong and then try to flip it to right all of a sudden. Sometimes when you marry the right person, it’s still ‘real life’. It’s adjusting. It’s sacrifice. It’s submission. It’s compromise. It’s a lot of understanding and being patient. Sometimes it takes years to get that balance, even with marrying the right one. Don’t marry their potential, marry their reality.”

Similar to, we discussed their call to reach the world in a nontraditional way. Erica and Tina spoke about how they deal with the challenges that some Christians give them because of their style and approach. “Our style is not the most traditional, but it’s what God gave to us. Everybody doesn’t have that call. Most of the people who shoot us down don’t understand it because [the way we do things] is not their mission. People love the scripture that says, ‘Come out from among them and be ye separate. But what about, “Go into the hedges and highways and compel men to come in?” For those who only want to talk to Christians, we wish you the best. But some of us have been called to go into different places.” (High-5 on THAT ladies!!)

Lastly we discussed what we can expect on the second season of Mary Mary on WE-TV which airs on December 6th. “You can expect a lot more music, Tina’s pregnancy, our tour, Essence Festival, spats, make-up’s and so much more!”

Watch our full interview here and let us know what you think!

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