February 15, 2013

Newlyweds Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin Describe “Kingdom Love” at One Church International

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With the spirit of Valentine’s Day still in the air Pastor Touré Roberts and One Church International celebrated “Kingdom Love” with Hollywood newlyweds DeVon Franklin, SVP, Columbia/Tri Star Pictures and author of Produced By Faith, and Meagan Good, star of NBC’s new hit series Deception. The couple shared their love story and how their alignment with God brought them together. They encouraged the packed audience of mostly single people to “wait upon the Lord” when it comes to Love.

“If you settle, you will never be as happy as you could be, said Good. “When you are obedient you get excited about the wait. Spend time being excited about what your purpose is. Be excited about who you are supposed to be.”
Franklin followed with, “A man of substance committed to God will find the right heart that God has for him. As a man, you’ll get beyond someone who is just attractive. If you go out with someone who is beautiful but there’s no substance there, you’ll get tired of that. At a certain point God will allow you to keep dating the same type in order to show you that you have to go after what he’s called you to go after.”

As a couple in the business, Good and Franklin discussed how God has used their positions as an opportunity to spread God’s love. Good specifically expressed her passion for appealing to the “misfits” in their walk with Christ. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in King Magazine, God loves you. That promise is to you. If God wants to change something in you, he will tell you if you seek him.”

Meagan told the story of how their God-led love story started: “I would see DeVon around because we work in the same industry. He produced ‘Jumping The Broom’ and I’d see him on set…but I was in a bad relationship at the time. While we were filming I’d look at him and say, ‘That’s the type of man I want to marry’. When I got out of the bad relationship I was in, I started praying about what the Lord wanted me to do in terms of my life. I had a lot of emotional baggage and damage from things I had gone through. Then I started praying about a husband and God told me flat out that DeVon was my husband. So at that point I said, ‘OK…well what do I do Lord??’ God said, “Don’t do anything. Just wait. Get yourself together.” I had to learn to heal properly.

DeVon went on to say, “I knew she had to get some things in her life right. I allowed her to do that. I always said that I would never date an actress, mainly to keep the integrity of my job as a film executive. Some people do that…and that’s ok. I just did not want that for me. The more we chatted, I realized we both had a strong spiritual desire to please God. After our third date, I knew she was the one.”

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“People want to see a real Christian, and a real Christian is not someone who simply knows the bible from Genesis to Revelations, but someone who knows love from A to Z” said Roberts. “DeVon and Meagan embody God’s spirit of love and demonstrate that when God is in control the Lord’s blessings upon you will extend far beyond what you could ever ask or imagine.”
Franklin added, “Marriage will bring out your insecurities. You need to be with someone who can help you overcome them. Someone who won’t judge you and put you down. A majority of women endure so much abuse in life. By the time they get married, there’s a lot of pain in her heart. As a man, it’s important to create an environment in your marriage that is conducive to her healing. If you’re super aggressive in your words or impatient, that may rekindle painful memories from emotional or verbal abuse she may have experienced in the past. Recognize it and use a different approach.”

I already had the utmost respect for their union. After watching the interview, it’s even more evident how God has placed them together as a symbol of His love and designed them to be an example to encourage others who desire kingdom love. Their body language alone is off the charts!

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Watch the full-length candid, heart-felt conversation about their love story, criticism, celibacy, faith, insecurity, marriage tips and more with Pastor Touré Roberts here: (skip to 58:02)

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