May 30, 2013

What Men Want: Episode 2 of the Singles Documentary, #WhereIsHeAlready?!

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Episode 2 of the highly-acclaimed documentary about single life, “Where Is He Already?!” aired last night on YouTube. This episode is wrapping up “What Women Want” and leads into “What Men Want.”

One of my favorite quotes from this episode came from musician Rich King in LA, “A king is someone who knows how to rule himself. It’s not about conquering a lot of women. I’m a king. I can lead her…I can bless her.” “A lot of men see women and want to take from them. But the very nature of love is to give.”

Grammy award winning artist Kevin McCall (produced/wrote Chris Brown’s Deuces) ended with, “When you think of unconditional love it’s not, ‘I’ll do this for you IF’. If it’s reciprocated, then cool. More women need to show men how to love because sometimes we’re a little slower…we don’t always get it. If we saw more women doing that, we’ll follow though and start to reciprocate it more. Some women have been hurt and won’t give you all that upfront.”

Best-selling author/relationship coach Tony Gaskins traveled the country for 32 days visiting some of the biggest cities like Atlanta, LA, DC, New York, Houston and more to interview people about single life. The #WhereIsHe series will touch on all of the problems singles face today and provide some very real solutions. Again I say, this needs to be on television!

Check out some of the comments from viewers:

“Keep the list…but can you be that? Are you the female equivalent of what you’re looking for?” #WhereIsHe – @iLove_Vonnie

Men also have lists or standards they look for in a woman. They may not write them down but they have them too. Everyone should have standards and like the gentleman said with the brown hat on, it’s about what can I give this person, not what can I get from her or him. – NativeSoulful

I have fallen in LOVE with @TonyGaskins videos. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Great to hear a honest, Christian prospective on relationships! – @a_lachic

I watched this twice…this need to be on TV. – nicegurl35

I’m So In Love with these Episodes! I love the dynamics of it all. Both sides male and female. Middle class and upper class all having the same problems. – wheelchairs1

The Youtube series #WhereIsHe airs every Wednesday at 9pm EST. Mark your calendars! Watch episode 2 below. Please leave your comments about “the list” that men and women have. What is your list and what do you think you should require in a partner?

Episode #2

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