July 10, 2013

Go Get It: Author Ciara Elle’ Talks Life Struggles and Journey Into Life Coaching

Ciara Elle

Life’s journeys has an odd way of knocking us down and picking us up only to knock us right back down all over again. During the times of despair or confusion, it is imperative to have someone in your life that can keep you on the right track and spark positivity and motivation into your life.

Ciara Elle’ – Author, Behavior Specialist, Life Coach, and Mentor – has done an exceptional job at becoming that go-to individual to keep your life in order. Although she has grown into the amazing woman that has two books published and one on the way as well as the boutique coaching firm, Go Get It Life Development Agency, everything wasn’t always peaches and sweet tea in her world. There was struggle, trials, tribulations and hurdles that were destined to be overcome before she would be able to share he God-given gift and journey with those who would need it the most. recently got the opportunity to speak with Ciara Elle’ about her upcoming book release, how she got started with her many ventures and supplies us with a testimony that God could have created.

Get into the interview below:

How did you get your start in writing?

Well, my professional career is counseling. I work with a lot of adolescents who are in the system. I too struggled with that growing up, so I started running across a lot of kids who would tell me, “Ms. Ciara, you don’t know what I’ve been through, you don’t understand. This is just my life – this is how I’m going to be.” They just felt like they had to be a victim of circumstance or something. Those encounters proctored me to write my first book which is Drowning in a Mother’s Womb – I wrote that book because of the kids I work with.

Was there something specific that directed you in the path of counseling? 

Going forward, I started encountering a lot of people who would sign up for counseling services, but didn’t really need counseling services. Maybe they just needed mentoring or a change in their behavior. So, that’s what made me start looking into mentoring and becoming a behavior specialist too. As time progressed and these Reality TV shows started to come out, I started asking myself, “Are they serious? These people are like 30 and over and they’re acting like this on television?” That’s when I realized that these people need life coaches. That experience is what prompted me to become a life coach. I’ve always wondered and wanted to look into life coaching, but after I started watching reality television, that’s what prompted me to go ahead and say, ‘Well, let me go get my certification in that.’

How long has the Go Get It Life Development Agency been up and running? 

Actually, just this year and we’re located in the Atlanta area.

Do you offer services for individuals seeking help outside of the Atlanta area? If so, how does that process work?

Yes, I do. The client is responsible for  getting me to them. I meet them wherever they are, get a hotel and we start from there. All of that, of course, is once we do the face-to-face meeting. To start, I have everyone do an assessment first so we can see exactly what it is that they need. Some people may say that they need counseling, but they really don’t – they just need a little coaching. So, we do that first via email and then set up a date to meet face-to-face to start working on whatever issues we need to address.

What would you say is your gratifying moment when it comes to a client? How do you know that you’ve accomplished an even tradeoff with them? 

When they accomplish something that they’ve wanted to accomplish. If they felt like they couldn’t open a business or felt like their world was just coming to an end or they were just depressed all the time – just to see that person smile or to take even take a step, that’s gratifying to me.

About your book, Go Get It, what was the idea behind developing this book?

I was going through something. I grew up in the system, so the only people who’ve I had in my corner – although they were in another state – was my grandmother and my sister. My grandmother died in November 2011 and I lost it. I was very lost. I was a lost cause, a lost soul…I just couldn’t get up. I don’t even know the person I was. At the time, I lost my job and I just felt like I was losing. I got up one day because one of my friends got me an interview at a job. I went to the interview and I realized I just still wasn’t ready to come outside. I just wasn’t ready to function. I decided to go get something to eat at the mall and I stopped at the shoe store. Well, while I was in the shoe store, I ran into this guy that I knew and he invited me out to eat. After we finished eating and were standing outside, he said to me, “You know, things happen to you for a reason just so you can understand and get the shoe on the other foot for you to get your message out there.” When he said that, he had no idea what I was going through so it was mind-boggling. I was wondering where did he get this from and what made him say this. As I was driving home, I was pouring tears – I just couldn’t stop crying. I got home and sat on the sofa across from my bed. I looked over in the direction of the bed and I could see myself drowning in my own sorrow and something said to me, “Now you get it.” I’ve counseled people who’ve been going through grieving in the past and I could only use what I’ve learned in school and it wasn’t relatable to what they were going through. It’s like I was looking at myself in the bed and could only say, ‘Oh my God, so this is it? This is what people feel like?’ It was just odd because this wasn’t me. I’ve always been a go-getter and the type of person to just keep going even with everything that I’ve faced growing up. With that particular situation with my grandmother dying, I couldn’t. It seemed like [at that moment] a voice was in my head telling me, “OK now Ciara, go get it.” That’s what got me there and I wrote that book in like 3 weeks.

Go Get It

Oh, wow! That’s incredible! A testimony, indeed. In relation to the book, what is some of the best feedback you’ve gotten from it?

I always hear people say it’s not boring. They say they just want to keep going and going and you want to try out the different things that I’m saying. A lot of people say it’s very helpful and for me, that’s the most gratifying to hear people say that. I have a very happy and silly personality so I throw a few jokes in there too [laughs]. You really get me. You get everything that I was going through at that time, but you get me – that person that just wants to help somebody.

Your upcoming book B.A.I.T., what prompted you to pen this? 

My sister was in the living room watching the old Jamie Foox movie Bait and I saw the title when I was walking past. I said, “Bait? Girl what you doing watching this? This movie is so old.” She told me that she liked it, so all I could say was “Oh, alright” [laughs]. So, I went into my home office and started thinking to myself. Then it hit me. I told her, “I need you to help me come up with something – an acronym for Bait! I’m going to write a book called Bait!” So she started thinking of stuff and I started thinking of some stuff and that’s how we came up with the title B.A.I.T.

When is the release date?


Fantastic. What’s next for you?

I’m just trying to get out there more. I want to brand my agency – that’s where I am now. My first book, I want to get a script for and hopefully make a movie out of it. My biggest project is opening up an actual mentoring facility here in Georgia and one in Chicago.

If you could give the younger generation a word of encouragement, what would it be? 

Just to go after your dreams and go after your goals. To be precise in what it is that you want to do in life, be proactive and be productive in doing it.

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