July 18, 2013

Speak Out: Children React to the Controversial Cheerios Commercial

Cheerios Commercial

By now, everyone should know of the controversy that surrounds the Cheerios commercial including the adorable curly haired girl who comes from a bi-racial family. If you aren’t in on what’s been happening, let us fill you in.

When the “Just Checking” commercial aired in May 2013, it garnered so many negative response due to the choice to include a bi-racial family as it’s focal point. Comments on the YouTube page – which have since then been disabled – included reference to Nazi’s and genocide treatments and only proved how far we still have to come as people.

Although the aforementioned is upsetting, there were also a good amount of positive responses as well. The below video filmed by Fine Bros. is apart of a string of videos that shows how kids, teens and elderlies react to certain stories, trends or viral videos. The children in this video, who give us their take on the “Just Checking” controversy, show us that even with all the chaos going on in the world, the most important thoughts to shape are that of a child. It’s amazing to see how simple yet educated each of them is in their own way.

Take a look at the video below and restore your faith in our future:

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