December 2, 2013

15 Tips From Tau Epsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated Social Media/Branding Workshop

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We all know social media and branding runs the world of business. Over the weekend, the Tau Epsilon Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated in Atlanta held one of the most informative social media/branding workshops I’ve attended. Dozens came out to learn tips and tricks on how to effectively market and brand their business through social media networking.

The workshop was PACKED with quality tips and advice. The panelists shared intimate stories regarding their ups and downs while building their brands, talked about how they overcame their fears, and were transparent enough to share the issues they’re still working through.

One of the main components was the opportunity to connect and network with professionals who had the answers to our challenges and meet more colleagues in the field. From beginner to pro, Tau Epsilon Omega’s social media/branding workshop had something for everyone.

Meet the all-star panelists:

Mattie James of (style blogger)

Dana Jones (social media/marketing professional)

Kelli Flournoy (publicist)

MiMi J. (moderator, celeb make-up artist, TEO member)

Inikco Kreative (graphic designer)

Bret Phillips (wordpress guru)



Missed it? We’ve got you covered! Here’s 15 social media/branding tips you can use TODAY:

  1. “When it comes to managing social media, emails and blog posts, you MUST have a system. Figure out what works and stay consistent.” – Bret Phillips
  2. “Even if you don’t have a product, you can think of yourself as a brand.” – Kelli Flournoy
  3. If content is KING, then consistency is definitely QUEEN” – Mattie James
  4. “Success via social media is slow and steady! Find your purpose and STICK TO IT!” – Bret Phillips
  5. “Less people are using Facebook. Instagram and Twitter are the way to go to build your brand.
  6. It’s all about what works for you and what your readers respond to.” – Bret Phillips
  7. “You don’t have to always tweet and post on facebook in real-time. Schedule your posts using platforms like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.” – Mimi J 
  8. “Be efficient and create ONE handle for all of your social media outlets.” (Make it easy for people to find you.) – Kelli Flournoy
  9. “Don’t ask someone you don’t have a relationship with to retweet you…that’s tacky! If they like it, let them retweet it on their own. – Mattie James
  10. “If you’re in the same field as your employer, avoid ‘conflicts of interest’ by finding out what they are ok with you working on while you’te working for them. It’s all about communication.” – Dana J.
  11. “For time management, utilize lists. I make my lists at night so I can start my day already knowing what I’m going to do.” – Kelli Flournoy
  12. “If you are starting a blog you don’t necessarily need a publicist but definitely consider consultation” – Kelli Flournoy
  13. “Social networking on the net should carry into your real life…attend events…network.” – Mimi J
  14. “In a creative field (like entertainment, fashion, media, music, etc.) professionalism can be lost and that’s NEVER okay!” – Kelli Flournoy“Amazing things won’t happen to you if you don’t make room for it.” – Mattie James
  15. “Are you currently job hunting? How are you using social media…to hurt or help your job hunt?” – Mimi J.


MiMi J moderatingMiMi J, celeb make-up artist/moderator.
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Kelli FlournoyKelli Flournoy, publicist

Kim G. and Mattie James publisher Kim G. and Mattie James of

Check out a few reactions. The energy in the room was sparked with attendees ready take their social media/branding skills to the next level!:

Tau Epsilon Omega

Many thanks to the ladies of the Tau Epsilon Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated for hosting such a well-produced event.

Ready to get started building your own brand? In addition to these 15 tips from the workshop, check out my audio course called How To Launch An Online Mag or Blog. It’s two hours of step-by-step instructions covering social media, branding, blogging, first year tips and more. I even include sample documents and helpful websites. Just download, listen and launch.

Which of the 15 tips from the workshop did you find most helpful?

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