December 7, 2013

Yes…There ARE Still Gentleman Out There. Meet James Bing, Jr.

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Written by: Kim Ford
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I noticed a post today from my FB friend James Bing, Jr. We call him JB. He’s a FAMU grad, engineer, and CEO of Soul Artistry Media. He’s the guy that always has the most positive things to say, but today it struck me differently. So much so that I wanted to share it with my JubileeMag readers! In case you’re wondering if there are any gentleman still opening doors for ladies and understands the big picture of serving, read this…

james bing

Look, if you are a woman, and you happen to be traveling with me or walking anywhere near the same place I am entering, I am going to open the door for you. I will literally battle you to allow me to open the door. I actually get somewhat offended if I offer to open a door and I am rejected (I just keep that to myself though).

How did I get here?

Bishop Robert Evans Jr…every summer I went to Baltimore. Wherever we pulled up, we had to get out the car and open the door for any woman who was riding with us, and any woman getting out of a car who parked at the same time or near us. We had to open the door for anyone walking in that was in front or behind us. I was rewarded so much for doing it, it became part of my DNA. It was something I looked forward to.

It was also a part of teaching me how to serve…that if I wanted to lead, I had to serve…and I had to open the door, before I could lead someone to it or through it. It showed me that if I wanted to get in somewhere, I had to first get to the door and open it. And if I opened the door for someone else, I may be rewarded or someone may just open a door for me.

I never had a thought about whether the person I was opening the door for had the ability to do it themselves… I just assumed that. For me, it was just being kind, offering a quaint gesture and seeing the smile on their face when you opened the door for them. It was always about being a gentleman and taking pride in that…but now, it’s more than just being proud to be a gentleman… it’s about paving a way, opening an opportunity for someone, that you may reap that same benefit in return.

Now, not only do I love opening doors for women (I even battle my own mother about this lol), but I like opening doors for people musically, professionally, personally and spiritually. Opening a door means you get to experience what is waiting behind it just as much as the person who is walking into it. It may not be for you, or it may not be for you to experience 1st, but you never know who’s watching you open that door, and holding another one open for you…

What do you think ladies? Profound right? Do guys still open doors for you?

Hey fellas. Do open doors for women? How do you feel about the idea of paying it forward?

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