November 12, 2014

Bino and Fino: New cartoon fills a void in children’s animation

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Written by: Abesi Manyando
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It is very important for all children to connect with who they are in the early stages of their childhood. Fortunately, there is a new cartoon that is accomplishing exactly this! Parents and children are falling in love with the popular cartoon, Bino and Fino.

Created by Nigerian animator, Adamu Waziri, the adorable animation is everything that parents are in search of when it comes to educational children’s programming. This light-hearted diverse animation filled with amazing music is about a brother and sister who live in a modern day city in Sub- Saharan Africa with their family and grand-parents. In each episode, Bino and Fino, along with their friend Zeena the Magic Butterfly, discover and learn things about the world.

Beyond the learning experience that children receive from the show, the cultural aspects of Bino and Fino is a refreshing and much needed inclusion in animation. With the beautiful diversity that exists in our world, it’s incomprehensible to not have programs that are reflective of different cultures.

Waziri was inspired to create Bino and Fino when he noticed that many of the programs in Nigeria and Africa as a whole were imported and not reflective of the culture and people. He was concerned about how this lack of representation could affect children.

Bino and Fino

“It took me a while to really understand how damaging this is,” said Waziri. “Bino and Fino is a show that crosses barriers and cultures. Our fans are from different parts of the world but it is important for our programs to be reflective of who we are. We must at least make sure children have a balanced representation of themselves in the media that they consume. For me the most important thing is how African children who are basically the foundation of the continent’s future perceive themselves and each other. If they don’t believe in themselves, their countries and their continent then we’re in a lot of trouble. This interrelates to children in the United States and really all over the world. Kids have to believe in themselves in order to achieve and become successful. On a simple level, I believe perceptions change when action is taken. It’s amazing how children get so excited about the fact that there are characters who look like them. Parents tell us their kids say, ‘Fino is brown like me or Bino looks like my brother. Those are very subtle but powerful statements we hope to hear more of,” ended.

Watch Adamu discuss the production process of the series.

Bino and Fino is gearing up for their season 2 DVD and we know a lot of parents and kids can’t wait. To get exclusives and giveaways please go to and sign up to become part of the Bino and Fino family.

Preview an episode below.

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