November 13, 2014

The Roaring 20’s: Flaws and All

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Written by: Tiara Johnson
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We spend so much time dwelling on everything that is wrong. Our looks, weight, insecurities and everything else that is meant to bring us down. What if we spent that time, cultivating greatness. It sounds really easy, it sounds like we can just start right away, but everyone knows EVERYTHING is a process. But how do you rise above your flaws? Faith and Confidence.

The first thing is serious faith, I mean serious. This is trusting God in every relationship you have friends or romantic, giving every single flaw that you think you have to God. Then you will start to embrace everything, finding greatness and a reason for everything you considered a flaw, it will lead you to brilliant confidence. You will find yourself, always loving who you are. You will be thankful for every single aspect of life. Your greatness will begin to shine through. This leads you to cultivate greatness.

Once you begin to have 100% faith in God, and having confidence in everything you do, you will begin to cultivate greatness. Everything you do will begin to make sense, those things you call flaws will help you grow and achieve your dreams, all because you were able to move past it and live in purpose.

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Tiara Johnson
Tiara LaRae Johnson is amongst the young moguls in Atlanta, becoming the founder and owner of her owner of TLJ Headlines when she was only 21-years-old, Tiara has a passion for making a difference. The Roaring 20's is where reality meets the twenties. Tune in as I capture, relate, and inspire. #TLJ