February 19, 2015

The Franchise Continues: ‘Preachers of Detroit’ Debuts Tonight!

Corey Stanley: Preachers Of Detroit

Recently we spoke with a few cast members from Oxygen‘s newest docu-series, Preachers of Detroit. Extending into the heart of Motown, this year focuses on the powerful themes of faith, family, and friendship as these spiritually appointed men and women of the cloth share their life, confirmations and triumphs in and out of the pulpit in Detroit, Michigan. The debut episode of The Preachers Of Detroit airs tonight Friday, February, 20th 8/7c on Oxygen.

What can we expect from the new franchise? Bishop Correletta Vaughn provides her perspective on stressing the importance of female pastoral leadership. Moreover she expresses that every women has been uniquely designed, and are amazing gifts from God. Bishop Vaughn indicates that throughout the new season of Preachers Of Detroit, she will be shedding light on the struggles of systemic lengthiest, racism and biases that are common within the church and internationally. While also encouraging women to become liberated, manifest their dreams, and to realize that they don’t have to remain stagnant, that God has favor on their life. And has given them the ability to be strong woman of the gospel that can balance many things through Christ.

Preachers of Detroit

Preachers of Detroit

There is a lot of anticipation surrounding the season premier of The Preachers Of Detroit, primarily because people are ready to make their comparisons to that of Preachers of LA. However, the two shows are uniquely different. Preachers Of Detroit will be different because it is based in the motor city, Detroit. The city of Detroit has undergone the largest municipal bankruptcy in its past and is currently on the comeback trail.

Additionally there are certain components that set Detroit apart from any other American city. Traditionally Detroit had a strong labor movement, African American church movement, and the birth of Motown. The pastors of Detroit are involved in ministeries that are socially, economically and politically relevant to the citizens within the community that not only gives the show flavor but provides an element of realness, rawness, and authenticity that speaks volumes to people viewing around the world and allows for better resonation.

Preachers of Detroit

Furthermore, the show involves going beyond the traditional 4 walls of the church mechanism and reaching the masses in a clean, pure, and spiritual format. Creating a new methodology to hear the good news “the word of God” through a different way while returning to the biblical witness and the message that shines through all things. Lastly, each individual has been called to use their platform to do the work that God has called them to do and have dedicated their lives to his service.

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