May 24, 2016

Our Exclusive With Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas. New Docu-Series Airing On Oxygen!


Jubilee Mag was recently invited to a conference call for Oxygen’s new series “Douglas Family Gold” with series stars Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Gabby Douglas and her momager Natalie Hawkins.

The show follows Gabby and her support system, which include matriarch Natalie Hawkins, sisters Arielle “Arie” Hawkins, Joyelle “Joy” Douglas, brother, Johnathan Douglas and grandmother Miss Carolyn, this series chronicles their journey and sacrifices as Gabby heads back to the Olympic Games and attempts a history-making performance.

“Douglas Family Gold” will premiere on Oxygen May 25 at 10/9c.

Check out our interview below:

Kim Ford: Hi Gabby. First of all congratulations on absolutely all of your success that you are currently having and have had in the past. My first question is for you. We’re a faith-based magazine for young adults. So, how has faith played an important role in your life and your career?

Gabrielle Douglas: Oh. Yes. It’s one of my biggest keys like especially in gymnastics since it’s so like, you know, pretty much dangerous and very hard. It’s, you know, my faith is key and ever since I was young, you know, my mom raised all my siblings and me on scriptures and really meditating on, you know, hit the mark words.

And for me it definitely, definitely helped. You know, I would have to say in 2011 when I was going through a rough time – before that I kind of lost it and, you know, I didn’t meditate as much.

And in 2011 I was struggling really hard and so I had to take a step back and really go back to, you know, meditating on scriptures, you know, praying a lot.

And man that helped me tremendously because every time I would be timid – skill I would say, “You know what? I have no fear.” Or, you know, if I would have a hard time with skill I’m like, “You know, I could do all things through the Anointed One.”

So it really helped me and also it just – me so much more confident in my abilities that my, you know, Heavenly Father has given me.

Kim Ford: And my next question is for mom. As mothers we usually can see qualities in our children that shows us their gifts. Obviously Gabby’s was gymnastics. Gymnastics is an expensive sport. So talk about some of the sacrifices that you had to make as a single mom to make sure she had everything she needed to succeed in the industry.

Natalie Hawkins: For me it was always about building strong roots of faith with my children. I wanted them to always believe in their gifts and in their abilities.

And sometimes, you know, when things don’t go your way or when things seem, you know, just insanely difficult you sometimes need to lose sight that, “Okay I have these gifts.

I have these talents. That should actually fuel me and get me to the finish line.” But the reality is we come up against these obstacles and then you can start to doubt yourself and you can start to doubt your calling.

And so I really wanted to make sure that they had a good foundation, that they would be able to have a foundation that they could draw on in those times that were most difficult because it’s easy to rejoice when everything is going good.

It’s a lot harder to rejoice when things are going really bad and so I would always teach them that it’s in those moments that you need to rejoice the most, because a lot of times we forget about that part and it’s like you get depressed.

You get depressed because you forget to rejoice and so I would always encourage them with that. And I had to encourage myself with it and there were times when my kids – because I had taught that lesson to them.

When I would forget they were able to echo that back to me. And so as far as the sacrifice, you know, it was just overwhelming at times because I went for four years without a new pair of tennis shoes and I remember the people at my job just kind of like, you know, laughing and joking about it.

But I was that serious into pouring into my children and I didn’t care about a new pair of shoes. I didn’t care about, you know, a new car. I didn’t care about, you know, having luxuries.

I just wanted to know that there was enough food on the table for my kids to eat and that there was enough money left over for me to help them accomplish their dreams and goals.

And so we did sacrifice a lot and there were a lot of things that we did without. You know, I pawned almost every – well not almost. I pawned every piece of jewelry or anything that – with value so that I would have the resources to go to her competitions with my kids and support her.

And so it was just overwhelming but I can look back and look at how rewarding it was to do that, to plant – I call it planting and we were planting. And I was waiting for the blossoms, you know, to come up and for the flowers to bloom and sometimes that’s a – it’s a process where you’re looking – you’re – it’s like watching water boil.

You know, it’s like is it ever going to start boiling? But that’s when you have to have faith. That’s when you just have to trust the process and know that it’s all going to be okay.

I know it sounds cliché but in the end, you know, you have to believe that when you sow things, when you sow goodness you’re going to reap it. We all say it.

What comes around goes around so I use that on the positive side and say, “Okay we’re giving love. We’ve giving, you know, sacrifice. We’re giving our energies and efforts. It’s going to come back,” and boy did it ever.

Gabby Douglas

Kim Ford: Awesome. And I salute you as a parent for doing that. And my last question – Gabby what was your mindset – I’m the author of a book called The Success MindsetSo what was your mindset like during the Olympics? When it’s time to compete, how do you put yourself in the right mindset to stick that landing, to, you know, succeed? But specifically for your last Olympics, what was your mindset like?

Gabrielle Douglas: For me like I normally get like, you know, really nervous but I would still, you know, kind of deliver in 2012. And it was just amazing because that night I actually slept and it was just like good because before, you know, you get all like jittery and you can’t sleep and you’re just anxious and you’re waiting for the day.

And I slept very well and I woke up and I was just at peace the whole day and, you know, I had a good breakfast and the warm up went well and I just – was just so calm.

And I think my mindset was just on autopilot because, you know, we trained and trained and trained so many routines, you know, for the past three weeks and we were just so prepared.

And I think I was just on autopilot. You know, my body already knew what to do and the main thing is, you know, don’t let my mind, you know, stop me. So I had to just – every event just pray, give myself a pep talk and, you know, really trust the process. But I think I was just – I just knew what to do and I just had to believe.

Kim Ford: Awesome. Thank you so much.

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