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The spring and summer seasons are right around the corner, and herbalist A.D. Dolphin shares why body cleansing can assist in living a healthier lifestyle and even having a smaller waistline.

To ‘Think Different’ and persist have defined and redefined the journey of A.D. Dolphin, grandson of 1940’s and 50’s music mogul John Dolphin. The 2004 launch of his company Dherbs catalyzed an evolution in the use of herbs as a clear pathway to excellent health, healing and living well.

Being overweight is a major risk factor for diabetes 2 in the African American community. A poor diet and excess amounts of fats and sugars are killing the African community.

Dolphin’s philosophy is simple and clear, “the body can heal itself if it’s got the right fuel.”

With the healthy living journey continuing for the past 10 years, AD has had the number one herbal cleansing company online. Some celebrities who are living witnesses and use his products are Steve Harvey, Nicey Nash and Elise Neal.

“I don’t think anyone should suffer or feel limited when eating,” Dolphin said. I think everybody should be able to eat the foods they enjoy, but have control and learn to eat proportions of specific foods. I just want to remind people that taking care of ourselves is essential and we are supposed to live to we are 120 years old.”

The cleanse that will change your life is a 20 Day Cleanse and Regimen that works to naturally cleanse and detoxify the body to aid in necessary weight release, enhancing the immune system and increasing energy levels.

Dolphin’s full body health cleanse not only helps shed excessive weight, but helps those who suffer with several medical problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

“The cleanse is capable of a lot of things, its almost like when they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” he said. “This cleanse is different from others because it works to improve skin complexion, hair and nail growth, and helps increase energy levels.

This all sounds great, but the question is what does it take to get through the process?

” The full body cleanse actually works to eradicate sugar and junk food cravings,our cleanse wants you to eat a raw food diet,” Dolphin said. The process includes us encouraging people to only eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, raw nuts and raw seeds throughout the process.”

The herbalist says he often advises people that it takes atleast 21 days to break a negative eating habit or bad diet.

When eating just fruits and vegetables you often times don’t get full and eat more than usual. When on a diet the average person also craves something sweet. Dolphin said this can be handled by the many different delicious flavors of smoothies that are found through DHerbs.

“When I first started out I use to start my morning with smoothies and fresh fruit,” said Dolphin. We all have different cravings. We often have a craving for something sweet and I think the smoothies handle that and they aren’t filled with unnecessary calories.”

There are many temporary advantages to eating unhealthy. Some include taste, convenience, and cost. So those individuals who work 8 hours a day, may be parents or attend school several hours of the day unhealthy meals may seem like the best route.

“So many people blame the expensive cost of eating healthy as why they won’t do it,” Dolphin said.They will spend $150 on Jordan shoes or Christian Louboutin boots, but won’t spend on something that will help them live a healthier and longer life.”

Dolphin said it saddens him that we are dying younger.” I have family members that have lived up to age 96 and today we are living half that age.” It all begins with taking care of ourselves physically and mentally, and I guarantee a healthy diet and cleansing the body will keep you balanced.”

“There is no certain age where detoxing is not appropriate,” Dolphin said. It is open to everybody because child obesity is another significant problem in our country right now, but in the young adult age group it tends to be just as important because more jobs are being done sitting right at a computer and without much activity and a poor diet some concerns can arise.”

We also talked about how not having many options of what you eat can cause a not so good lifestyle.

“When you were growing up as a kid you didn’t really have a choice of what you ate at home or at school,” Dolphin said. At home you ate whatever your parents cooked and at school you ate what was served in the cafeteria lunch line. So the bad eating habits often start with those that we surround ourselves with or are led by.”

The cleanse does consists of often considered boring raw fruits and vegetables but cleansing doesn’t mean you can’t consume “good” tasting food/treats.If you take one step into living a healthier lifestyle Dolphin will take two.

DHerbs shows us how to take the unhealthy foods we just can’t live without and make them healthy selections while we are cleansing and exercising to stay in the absolute best of shape.

Dolphin says more people today are cleansing in groups and it’s definitely a growing fad.



To order the Dherbs full body cleanse click here to go to the website or call 1866-4DHERBS.

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