We all know sex trafficking is a major epidemic worldwide. We caught up with Amazon Best Selling author A.L. Smith about the release of her second book, Behind Closed Doors 2.

“Behind Closed Doors 2” is the riveting tale of one little girl’s struggle to overcome circumstances beyond her control. Born and raised on the ruthless streets of East St Louis, Dana Toussaint was accustomed to a life of privilege; thanks to her father, a Haitian-born immigrant and notorious drug lord. Dana’s mother; a materialistic southern belle from South Louisiana, is consumed by the good life, as memories of her upbringing in an East New Orleans housing project become a distant memory.

In spite of the similarities between the Haitian and Louisiana Creole cultures, the marriage unravels and the unthinkable occurs when Dana’s father abruptly abandons the family. At the age of 12, Dana becomes the ultimate sacrifice and her mother brokers the deal.

Listen to our interview with author A.L. Smith as she tells us about both books, how to recognize a situation where someone is being victimized and the crowd funding competition she’s in to make her book a film.

Here’s how you can give towards the crowd funding campaign.