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Jubilee is an online faith-based mag for adults 18-49. We respond to challenges regarding life, love, family, relationships, money and the future in a way that most mainstream mags do not. Our focus is to bring faith to the mainstream. Wherever there’s darkness, we’ll be there with light.


Jubilee is about being intentional about every area of life. This begins with your spirit, then your mind, finances, family, body, and more. It’s about living the life you always wanted.

In the Bible, the year of JUBILEE was a constant reminder of God’s interest in economic freedom (Ezekiel 46:17). In modern terms, today is the day of JUBILEE. Therefore, we have made a jubilant, unapologetic dedication of our lives to re-build the image of faith to the world.


Does Jubilee only welcome Christians? Of course not. We embrace people of all faiths, religions and lifestyles. We urge them to plug in and meditate on our positive, inspirational media.


Faith (Family, Relationships, Life)
Many are misled by “advice” given in some of today’s mainstream media. No matter what our readers are looking for, we’re not going to shy away from the risky topics. Join in, as the truth comes back in style!

CULTURE (Music, Film, Books, Events, Career/Money, The Arts, Tech)
Expect features and reviews covering music, film, events, the arts, technology and more. We are excited to provide a platform for recording artists who do not receive the exposure and heavy rotation they deserve.

STYLE (Fashion, Beauty, Luxury, Cars, Health/Fitness, Etiquette)
Expect the latest in fashion, beauty, hair, accessories and more. We also include the best in cars, homes and everything else that gives you your style.