5 Inspirational Quotes for the Week

Courage is defined as the ability have strength in the face of pain or grief. As simple as it sounds though, we all have those moments where our courage disappears and as a result, our faith begins to dwindle as well. To help y...
by Ni'Kesia Pannell

break up

How To Bounce Back After A “Good” Relationship Ends

Stop the mental acrobats. How many of you have ever been in a relationship that started off promising but ended in disappointment? The same questions rolled through your head for days, months and for some, even years. You conti...
by Kimberly Alyse


Star-Studded ‘Think Like A Man’ premieres – ATL & NY

(ATLANTA, NEW YORK) April 6, 2012 – Regal Atlantic Station played host to the red carpet Think Like a Man premiere, which was attended by Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, Michael Ealy, Gary Owen, Rainforest’s Rob Hardy, A...
by Kim Ford



Jacquie Green Releases “God Looks Good on Me” Available via iTunes & MORE Jacquie Green on The Candy Shop Radio Show Today 2:00PM EST

Singer/Songwriter Jacquie Green’s “God Looks Good on Me” Now Available March 9, 2015 (Atlanta, GA) – QuenteSential Branding Client, Singer/Songwriter Jacquie Green is breathing new life into the world of...
by Corey Stanley


The Etiquette Of Handling Awkward Situations

Awkward moments…we’ve all had them. Whether it was knowing how to compose yourself in the presence of your ex with their new love or knowing how to handle a business deal gone bad between friends. What’s the ...
by Enitan Bereola