Go Get It: Author Ciara Elle’ Talks Life Struggles and Journey Into Life Coaching

Life’s journeys has an odd way of knocking us down and picking us up only to knock us right back down all over again. During the times of despair or confusion, it is imperative to have someone in your life that can keep y...
by Ni'Kesia Pannell

Billie Hilliard Experience

A Personal Touch: The Billie Hilliard Glam Experience

Have you ever been searching for the perfect gift for someone or even yourself? I’m not talking about just any old gift…but one of value, something that can be personalized, has a deeper meaning, and can be classified as ...
by Elle Noire


Quick Fixes Won’t Cure Hurt

We often go through life patching broken hearts with another relationship, casual sex or by building an invisible wall to try and keep hurt out. Although these quick fixes are popular they never give you your ultimate desire of...
by Tameeka Williamson



The Black Women’s Film Summit

Recently Jubilee Mag had a chance to attend the Black Women’s Film Summit (BWFS), that took place yesterday on March 6, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis with the highly-anticipated “Untold Stories Luncheon,” which honored ...
by Corey Stanley


‘Set Apart’ 2013 Woman’s Retreat – Girl Talk LIVE!

OK ladies. Have you ever had questions you needed answers to but didn’t feel comfortable asking at church? Questions about single life, dating, marriage, divorce, children, life balance, and for the married ladies…s...
by Kim Ford