Video Clips: Chris Browns Ex-Girlfriend Karruche Tran Sits Down With Iyanla

CLIP: Iyanla Reveals a Classic Relationship Mistake to Karrueche While Karrueche expresses her belief that Chris’ hurtful behavior illustrates he is in need of love, Iyanla reveals the common mistake Karrueche and many wo...
by Corey Stanley


Attitude Check

People are all around us. You can find them in the workplace, at the grocery store, in the mall, or on the freeway. Most of us can remember a time when we met someone who simply had a bad attitude. They seem to find a way to tr...
by Rob Adams

james bing, jr

Yes…There ARE Still Gentleman Out There. Meet James Bing, Jr.

I noticed a post today from my FB friend James Bing, Jr. We call him JB. He’s a FAMU grad, engineer, and CEO of Soul Artistry Media. He’s the guy that always has the most positive things to say, but today it struck ...
by Kim Ford


Intimacy with God

In Pursuit of Intimacy: Truth Revealed!

Intimacy. It’s the unspoken topic of the beginning of a true relationship–especially with God. One of my favorite lines from Tyler Perry’s, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” with actress, Kimberly Elise...
by Elle Noire


Man Talk: What Defines You?

Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with a good friend from college over lunch. We began by asking each other general questions, what we did for a living, if we had a wife or kid, etc. As the conversation developed, he ...
by Rob Adams