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During the week of the Baltimore riots in April 2015, it seemed like all of America was in an upheaval. Every news station had its attention on Baltimore and the death of Freddie Gray. Hearing the story of another black man who lost his life to what seemed to be yet another case of police brutality had left a city and a nation looking for answers. We’ve seen this too many times with stories like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and now Freddie Gray. Once the news and media moved on, so did most of America. However, Rahqwan “Rocky” Major and Antwon Davis were not easily swayed by the public’s sudden disinterest in these stories. These were men whose lives mattered. Rocky and Antwon knew that after the verdict was decided and after the cameras left, black men still needed protection from police brutality, injustice and indifference. They knew there had to be better answers for what Americans, especially black men, were facing.

Equal Access America (Antwon Davis)

As young black men themselves, Rocky and Antwon decided to be proactive. They began their own search for better answers. After learning about the importance and benefits to legal coverage and protection, they both decided to purchase legal coverage for themselves and their families to ensure that they had a legal advocate if anything were to happen. This assurance inspired them to tell other people about the benefits of legal coverage. The overwhelming response that they received from others led them to create the national campaign called Equal Access America (EAA). Equal Access America is a movement dedicated to exposing Americans to the importance and benefits of legal coverage. Rocky and Antwon understand firsthand how important quality and affordable legal coverage can be for the average American. Their mission is to create awareness and provide access to legal coverage for all Americans. They firmly believe that everyone deserves legal coverage because everyone matters. What started as a personal need has become a national cause and campaign with a mission to get every American covered.

Research shows that 90% of Americans don’t have any legal insurance or legal protection. In the past 12 months, approximately 57 million full-time working Americans have experienced at least one significant legal event. However, the majority of those 57 million full-time working Americans don’t have access to legal assistance.* One can only imagine what injustice and financial setbacks these Americans might have faced as a result. Equal Access America is determined to change that by creating awareness and providing access to legal coverage for all Americans.

The EAA Team’s mission has led them to partner with a reputable organization that provides both quality and affordable legal coverage for all Americans. This partner organization is called LegalShield. LegalShield has been providing legal coverage to North America for the past 40 years, serving 1.4 million families in 49 states and 4 Canadian providences. LegalShield also provides affordable identity theft protection. LegalShield offers a dedicated attorney network of 6,900 attorneys with an average of 19 years of experience. LegalShield prides itself on providing each LegalShield member with unbiased, expedient and quality council from expert law firms and attorneys in each participating state and province within their network. LegalShield offers affordable legal plans that provide its members with a variety of services, such as personal legal advice on unlimited issues, letters and calls made on the member’s behalf, contract and document review, living will preparation, 24/7 emergency access for covered situations such as an automobile accident or if a member is questioned or detained by a police officer, IRS audit assistance, assistance for traffic-related issues, trial defense, and a 25% preferred member discount for all other requests. With LegalShield, members have an opportunity to have an attorney in their corner.

Equal Access America (Rocky Major)

Wealthy Americans are able to handle their legal matters with a retainer attorney, however, the average American is unable to afford the same type of access. For as low as $20 a month, LegalShield gives its members the same opportunity to have access to a law firm with attorneys from any area of law, saving members thousands of dollars. As a LegalShield member, one call to local participating law firm could mean the difference between a legal issue being resolved and justice being served. Since being firsthand beneficiaries of legal coverage with LegalShield, Rocky and Antwon have made it their personal mission to expose as many people to the same opportunity. They want to see every American covered, their families protected, their legal futures secured and their money saved. You can support the Equal Access America campaign by getting covered today and pledging to help get others covered.

If you are interested in getting legal coverage for yourself, your family, and/or your business, visit and learn how you can get covered today.