couple-buying-first-homeThe world is your oyster! There are so many great properties available that you should actually prepare yourself for house hunting. Do you know what you want? Do you know how much you can afford?

Home buying can be an emotional and time-consuming process if you don’t have a good plan and a place to start. There are so many great property deals, as well as awesome loan programs, so if you are able to buy – THE TIME IS NOW!

There are buyers out there that just aren’t sure if they’re in the market for a condo or a single-family home. They don’t know if they want to be near downtown or in the suburbs. If this sounds like you, then your real estate agent can be a big help for your home buying process.

They can show you a few different options, explaining the pros and cons of each. Hopefully, this will help you make a firm decision on the direction you’re headed.

Use these 6 quick tips to prepare for your search:

  1. Have your agent sign you up for weekly property searches – this gives you access to all the properties that meet your criteria in one updated list.
  2. Have an open mind – sometimes the pictures look better than the real deal, or vice versa the picture might not do the property justice.
  3. Have a solid plan – try not to second guess yourself, if you move too quickly or too slowly it could make all the difference.
  4. Be realistic about what you want – Stay on budget! (This budget is set by your Loan officer/Bank and this should be where your process starts)
  5. Create a wish list of wants, must haves, and/or deal breakers.
  6. When you have selected the house for you, visit it often. (See the property at night, after school, after it rains, etc. – this lets you know how the home and neighborhood function on a daily basis.)

House-hunting for the “perfect” home in many ways is like searching for that “perfect” romance – very rarely does everything about your proposed mate match your desires. Things you love at first may later bother you and become what you don’t want. House-hunting should be like dating. Take your time.

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Reshanda Ransom is the managing broker for Balance Realty in Atlanta GA, and has been a leader in real estate for over 7 years. Before entering the real estate arena, she was a successful Business Development manager, Sales manager, and Sales trainer. With her extensive education in new home sales, foreclosures, short sales, and investment properties, Reshanda is a strong force in today’s real estate market. The belief in cultivating knowledge, community involvement, and a real life approach to real estate, sets Balance Realty apart from the competition. Reshanda Ransom hails from Hawaii, she matriculated at Grambling State University, and is married with two children.