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And just like that, Jhené Aiko has surprised the world with her sophomore album, Trip. It’s her first solo project since 2014’s Souled Out.

The 22-track release features several guests including Big Sean, Brandy and our fav Mali Music. For the first time, Aiko gives listeners a front row seat and allows them to watch her undergo a whirlwind of emotions, including love, pain, drugs, depression, and ultimately, triumph.

Jhené also revealed that she has been on a journey to find herself after her brother Miyagi passed from cancer in 2012.

She told The Breakfast Club, “My brother and I were very close. We were only two years apart,” she said. “I never thought of him as a separate person, but an extension of myself. He was my reflection. In his presence I was confident and always so sure.”

Mali Music Jhene Aiko

We’re not surprised Jhené has a feature and a song written by Mali. They first collaborated on his latest project, The Transition of Mali with ‘Contradicion’. Now he’s featured on her title track ‘Trip’ and wrote ‘Frequency’.

The whole ablum is great, but ‘Frequency’ is special to us because it’s where Jhené sings about salvation and the anointing. As she continues to heal from the passing of her brother, we love how this song opens her up to reveal where true healing comes from. Her voice attached to this powerful message will only help take this generation closer to the source of true love and peace.

Here’s a few of the lyrics:

“Free my city, free my seed
Bless my situation, show me love
Bless the generation, let them know
Know that you love
Know that there’s love

Lead them from temptation, make them royalty
All the things we’re facin’ makes us question it
Lead us to salvation, pour that oil please
That’s how we become kings and queens.”

‘Trip’ is also accompanied by a short film, co-directed by Aiko, in which she plays a character who finds love shortly after the death of her brother. However, the introduction of drugs to the relationship complicates things for the couple.

Stream Trip below via Apple Music.

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