Lonzo Ball, the highly anticipated 6 foot 6 Pac 12 player of the year was drafted as the 2nd overall pick Thursday night by the Los Angeles Lakers.

With this pick, the Lakers feel very confident that Ball is the missing piece to a winning formula; adding him alongside Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, Brook Lopez and Jordan Clarkson. A formula that might just put the Lakers back into playoff contention; something that has not been done since the Kobe Bryant era.

While this starting five may look better than last years group on paper, the question still remains, how well will they play together in their first year? And will Lonzo live up to the hype started by his father?


These are all questions that Laker fans are waiting to be answered. But with any new group of guys, it’s going to take some time to gel together. The only immediate problem I see with this group is not knowing the immediate leader on the floor. And for Lonzo, all I have to say is, “He better live up to the hype,” I mean this may not be the path that you chose young brother but at this point, it’s either show out or sit down.

More importantly, I can say this about Lonzo Ball, the young man can flat out ball and I am confident in his abilities to show out this year. The court vision that he has at this young age is mind blowing, that unorthodox quick shot will make it tough for defenders to block. I believe that barring any injuries, Ball will average 17 pts, 7 assist and 4 rebounds a game but the Lakers will not play in a playoff game this year.

Above all, the problem I am having with the Lakers is that you let go of a potential all-star in D’Angelo Russell to start a new life with an unproven Lonzo Ball. What makes Lonzo a better guard than Russell? We have seen Russell become a leader for the Lakers and somewhat a clutch shooter when the game is on the line. I mean the young man was averaging 15 pts, 5 assist and 3 rebounds; despite being a little immature at times, he was a solid guard. In the end, Lonzo Ball must prove his worth in his first 2 years or he may suffer the same fate as Russell.

By the way, Lamar Ball has done a great job in setting the stage for his son’s debut with the Lakers this year.

For most spectators, the decision to draft Ball was clearly an option but for father, Lavar Ball, “I knew he would be playing for the Lakers since he was a baby,” “there was no other option,” said Lavar and he was absolutely right.

Despite not the being the biggest fan of Lavar and the whole “Baller Brand,” but I do give credit where credit is due. As a father, he spoke highly about his son no matter the time or place. Aside from the overshadowing negativity associated with Lavar; the consistent support that has been dedicated to being by his son’s side while making the transition from NCAA to NBA will always be something I will respect him for. 


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Henry Clopton, a senior journalism major and speech minor who attends Georgia State University. A native Atlantan with aspirations in becoming a Sports Analyst. Currently, he serves as an ESPN Ambassador, Intern for the 100 Black Men of America, The Male Mentorship Director for the Collegiate 100 of Atlanta and also a member of the Sports Package team for Georgia State University. His favorite quote to live by is "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth" spoken by Muhammed Ali.