tony gaskins (640x343)

tony gaskins (640x343)

I’ve been on something new and I have to call it “heart work.” I’ve been taking the time to really identify what’s on my heart before I post anything online. It’s been really hard to do because I’m always worried about how I’ll look to others by posting what’s on my heart. Then I’m reminded that we only live once and we have to live authentically. Then right after taking that step and doing “heart work” I’m rewarded with new doors and opportunities being opened up.

My question for you is: Who are you faking for? Who are you hiding from? Who are you trying to please?

I have to please the God who made me and that’s it. After that, everyone else can take a number and get in line. Man doesn’t hold my future, God does. I have to be aware of that and live daily to fulfill my life’s purpose regardless of who I might make uncomfortable.

Be willing to be you and to complete your life’s work. Even if it separates you from the pack and the journey feels lonely. You came in alone and you have to leave alone so you might as well live the way you were created to. I’ve never seen anyone put in the box with their critics when it was time to go in the ground.

Do some “heart work” and see what follows.. I’m willing to bet it’ll open up some doors you’ve been waiting on.

It takes your fingerprint to open up the door of destiny. As long as you’re pretending to be someone else, your destiny will be locked.