You may know him as the principal and Chief Marketing Officer of LIQUID SOUL, the country’s premier strategic communications and lifestyle marketing agency. His company is responsible for films and television shows produced by Sony, Paramount, LionsGate, Universal along with HBO, Fox, CNN, Bravo, OWN and so much more. But Nick Nelson has taken a leap of faith and written his first book, “Stay Tuned”.

In 2013 Nick had to make the toughest decision of his life: To take his ailing father off life support, ending his decades-long battle with diabetes. Now faced with the responsibility of caring for his mother with Alzheimer’s, Nelson struggled to maintain his business and personal life. His breaking point came when his pastor and father-figure died that same year. On the surface, he was keeping it all together, while on the inside, he was falling apart.

“STAY TUNED” is an instructional guide for professional men and the women who support them. In “STAY TUNED”, Nelson offers wisdom and practical advice on how to overcome life-altering challenges, find peace, and maintain a spiritual connection with God.

In this powerful, yet easy-to-read book, men will receive advice on how to stay “tuned-in” to critical areas of their life such as:

  • Personal happiness and fulfillment
  • Finding life’s purpose
  • Navigating your professional career
  • Establishing your personal brand and reputation
  • Managing people and treating others with respect
  • Being present for your family both mentally and physically
  • Having faith by trusting in God and being unafraid to take risks
  • Establishing work-life balance
  • Creating a legacy

While the book is written from a man’s perspective, it also provides valuable insight for women who want to understand what confronts professional men as they navigate the business world while keeping their families at the center of their daily lives.

Listen to our interview below as Nick tells JubileeMag about the adjustments he had to make to balance his life in the entertainment industry to become a better husband and father.