I recently spoke with New York Times Best Selling author, Karrine Steffans. We follow each other on social media, so when I saw she was stopping through Atlanta promoting her seventh book, “Vindicated”, I made sure I was there.

Most know her from her Video Vixen series of books, but I’ve been intrigued by her story of overcoming a bad past and turning it into something great. In 2005, she established Steffans Publishing Enterprises, LLC. Through Steffans Publishing Enterprises, Karrine Steffans has procured major publishing contracts with Harper Collins Publishers. In 2009 and again in 2011, Steffans Publishing Enterprises entered into two development deals with Fox Television Studios for projects based on her books. She recently participated in this year’s Empowerment Experience, on the No Judgement Zone panel, at the 2015 Essence Festival in New Orleans. Karrine understands it’s not just about writing a book, it’s about ownership and making an impact.

She also understands the importance of helping women out of the lifestyle she was once a part of. She mentors women, including Montana Fishburne (daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne). We all were shocked to hear that Montana had decided to become a porn star. Coming from a family of affluence, we may not understand why. But for a year, Karrine spent hours on the phone with her, listening to her cry, giving her advice and guidance, and laid out a formula for her that was destined to help her finally succeed at something other than making a mockery of her family name and herself. She even gave her a job as a fitness blogger on her site. Unfortunately, Montana decided to become a dancer in a gentlemen’s club. Sometimes they take the advice, sometimes they don’t. But then again, Karrine understands everyone has their own journey. It look her 10 years of being spiritually fed to finally surrender and do things right. She admits she worked hard at it and slipped often, but her spiritual mentor was always there to pick her up and pray for her.

At 38, you can tell Karrine has grown in many areas. A lot of women have been on the same path she was on in various ways. She was clear in one of her interviews stating, “Just because your start may have been bad, doesn’t mean you can’t end up good.”

Before you judge a person, you should really take a look and ask, “What happened in their past that causes them to act this way?” Karrine did a lecture at California State University detailing the horrible abuse she experienced starting at age 5. There was physical and emotional abuse from her mother, family, strangers, “friends” and more. All at a very early age. Karrine doesn’t just stop at, “I was abused”. She also tells how the abuse had to be pointed out to her. She had to be told that what she was experiencing and doing was wrong. Since she grew up seeing it and coping with it, abuse was her normal. Watch the lecture here:


Outside of the Vixen series, Karrine has written a great e-Book about home decor. Did you know she’s a CID® certified Interior Stylist working on her masters in Interior Design? Decor and the Single Girl is a photo filled guide for today’s single woman ready to make room for a man. But, before she makes that room, she has to decorate it –– and not for the life she has, but for the life she wants. In the book, she sheds light on how so many woman say they’re ready for a relationship, but they keep their home messy, unorganized and their bathrooms would make any man run! Her book gives step-by-step tips on how to make your home functional for a lady and welcoming for a gentleman. After all, how can he imagine himself in your life if he’s not comfortable in your home?

Karrin even teaches wives how to spice it up in the bedroom. After the acclaim from her Vixen memoir, many wives wanted to know what in the world was she doing that had high profile men wanting more!? Finally, Karrine laid it all out and explained exactly what a woman must do in her book The Vixen Manual. With chapters like “Wooing Your Man,” “Giving Him Space,” “Encouraging His Manhood,” and “Give Him What He Wants,” this hot and sexy manual is a must-have for every woman’s bookshelf.

Karrine admits that one of the biggest misconceptions about her is that she’s super promiscuous. She clarifies this in an interview with Blogzilla for Global Grind.

“When I was in my 20’s I was wildin. Pretty girls in big cities have more opportunities to do more things. Therefore, we also have more opportunities to make bad decisions. I made some poor choices. I’ve been married and I’m actually a monogamist.”

During our interview had a great conversation about faith. She talked about the importance of giving things over to God. No one deserves to be judged by the mistakes of their past. One thing I know for sure, as Christians, our mission is to love people where they are, pray for them, and watch God work. Check out our one-on-one below: