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Life. Love. Liberty. We all want it, but sometimes we need a little help getting there. Pamela D. Smith has announced the Rename & Relaunch of her Life, Love and Liberty book. The new name is Living, Loving, Liberated: The Set Free Life, set to release in September 2016.

You go through life as if you are diving off of a skyscraper. You rely on quick reflexes to make decisions and to dodge the day’s trouble. The fear of falling stagnates you and then you find that your reactions are now delayed. You have no strength, you feel no love, and you are in bondage. Until…you decide to do the inner work so that you can shift your life to the next level. It takes faith and fight because sometimes the troubles of life don’t give up so easily. You, however, are destined to win. You are destined to live and love and you have the freedom to do so.

Life, Love, Liberty: A 21-Day Spiritual Life Coaching Journey is a book of daily affirmations, attitudes, and actions for those who are ready for a remarkable life. This book was listed as on the Amazon Best Seller List in Ethics. The relaunch will be available September 2016 and will include a life coaching workbook section as well as a prayer cd.

Pamela D. Smith is a wife, mother, evangelist, inspirational writer and speaker. She is also a Holistic Life Coach and Mentor where she helps other develop spiritually by deepening their relationship with God and then embracing their authentic self. She mentors others on the importance of focusing on the spirit, mind, and body in order to be whole.

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During our interview we talked about what led her to write the book, how she came out of a difficult situation and gave steps you can take NOW if you’re going through a difficult time. Listen below.

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