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Erica Campbell, Faith Evans, Kelly Price, MC LYTE Will Attend Miami WEALTH Experience

MC Lyte, Dr. Lynn Richardson, Dr. Kelly Price, Faith Evans, Erica Campbell, Nicci Gilbert, Dr. Wanda Davis Turner, Tai Beauchamp, Robbi Reed, and Michele Thornton are welcoming women from around the world to join them at The W....
by Braven Sloan

Retro Chic

Passion for Fashion: Summer 2014 Lookbook!

So loves! It’s hot out like literally. But what’s also haute are the new summer 2014 trends! Fashion Enthusiast and Photographer, Wildy Civil has put together an awesome 2014 summer lookbook for all of your wildest ...
by Elle Noire


ATL: Get It Right & Tight With Barr and Flow

It’s officially summer and it’s not too late to shed a few pounds to get your body right and tight! Some people hit the weights, but some like to use yoga, pilates and cardio to melt the pounds away. That’s ex...
by Kim Ford



Join the Spring 2013 FREE 30-Day Cardio Challenge Hosted By Celeb Trainer “Mr. Shut Up And Train”

Spring is here! Time to get right! May 1st is the next 30 Day cardio challenge…just in time for Summer. The plan is to get 100,000 people signed up for the Free May Fitness Challenge. The challenge is 100% free, we just a...
by Darryl Jones


30 Day Cardio Challenge To Get You Fit, Fast!

The 30 Day Cardio Challenge is the fastest growing, FREE online movement that challenges thousands around the world to lead happier, healthier lives. The Challenge will help you become a better you: physically, mentally and emo...
by Alyssa Gilmer