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“A City Broken” After Falcons Super Bowl Ll Loss

What is being called the best Super Bowl ever in its 51-year history has also been referred to as the worst flop in NFL history. There has been nothing but remorse throughout the city of Atlanta, who watched their team, the Fa...
by Henry Clopton

Russell Wilson and Ciara choses abstinence

[VIDEO] NFL’s Russell Wilson Talks About His Love For Ciara And Why They Chose Abstinence

We can never hear about this enough. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was part of a recent Q&A session at The Rock Church with pastor Miles McPherson in San Diego. The discussion about his personal life surfaced with Wi...
by Kim Ford


[AUDIO] Men Of Faith In The NFL :: Brad Smith

Listen in as I chat with Buffalo Bills wide receiver Brad Smith. We talk about his journey in the NFL, why he chose his wife and how his relationship with Christ is the key ingredient to his success. Connect with him on twitter...
by Kim Ford