Most NFL organizations understand the theory “with great trades come great success” which is evident in the football world today; Now, whether you follow this correctly is ultimately up to the team and their front office.

So, why not follow the trade theory?

Apparently, the Carolina Panthers clearly aren’t and will have no valid way to explain to Cam Newton why they have dealt away his number one receiver, Kelvin Benjamin. An offense that holds Cam Newton accountable for being “Mr. Do It All,” now has to rely on his 2nd-year man Devin Funchess to hold down the receiving core.

The Panthers passing and receiving offense has not been terrible this year; ranked right in the middle of the pack at 15. But you gotta wonder what a move like this does to your quarterback’s confidence with his new receiving core.

According to ESPN, Panthers coach Ron Rivera said, “Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess were getting a lot of press coverage and defenses were stacking up against the run. Says with speed receivers outside now that will force teams to back off. Furthermore, Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess; the team had two receivers with similar skill sets”.

My only question to coach Rivera would be, why compromise a solid duo? Benjamin on one side and Funchess on the other created match-up problems for most teams due to the size, length and athletic ability of those guys. Now Benjamin is gone, who was your leading receiver in yards per game and receptions. Oh, also a guy that Newton could trust when targeted.

But oh well, Another Loser in my books would be the New England Patriots.

Although fans in New England will hate reading this one, it must be said. The time has come to let go of the dream that Tom Brady will somehow avoid aging. Yes, Brady is going to be a Hall of Fame quarterback and yes he is leading the league now in passing yards, oh and yes, he is playing better ball than 95 percent of quarterbacks in the league today.

But it will all soon come to an end ladies and gentleman.

More importantly, Jimmy Garropolo was the future of the Pats, once Brady decided to hang it up. So, why on earth would you trade this talented young man who has been sitting behind the “GOAT” and learning every pertinent thing every QB should know and more?

I mean there should be no excuse for budget concerns or contractual difficulties. Football teams build for both the now and future but look as if the Pats are stuck on Brady. Unfortunately, the organization will face the reality of replacing Brady in the near future.

Garropolo has proven that he can play in this league and win games. During his only two regular season games, he threw for 496 yards on 42 of 59 completions, four touchdowns and “ZERO” turnovers. How do you not keep this guy?

Maybe the Pats management just dropped the ball. Surely, the 49ers and Kyle Shanahan are smiling big in San Fran right now.

On to my Winner

The Philadelphia Eagles of course, who come into this discussion holding the best record in the NFL. But best record or not, the Eagles weren’t done looking for ways to get better on offense and just so happen to acquire RB Jay Ajayi from the Miami Dolphins.

A young running back who will make an immediate impact with the eagles bringing speed, quickness and power to there backfield; he will also make a great duo to the other powerful back Legarrette Blount.

Currently, Ajayi sits at 13th in the NFL in rushing yards and by the looks of things; by the end of this year, he will be top five easily behind an offensive line that already have this eagle rushing attack ranked fourth in the NFL.

And not to forget the eagles also have MVP candidate Carson Wentz, who defenses must respect. Therefore, Ajayi will have a great time running through open lanes and bring more balance to a potent offensive scheme.

What a Sunday it will be coming up in the NFL.