Gregory Sylvia Collection

“The ties that bind us are sometimes impossible to explain. They connect us, even after it seems like the ties should be broken. Some bonds defy distance, and time, and logic. Because some ties are simply… meant to be.” –M.G.

There are a lot of individuals who teach from the anecdote that “teamwork makes the dream work!” But this couple, Gregory and Terri “Sylvia” Pope are living it. The Popes are utilizing their God-given talents to defy the odds and stand out as a dynamic duo in not only marriage, but in business and life in general.

“We have found throughout our journey together that communication was already key in our marriage and it has also been the case for the success of our business. With a true relationship with each other [and God], you will always know where you are going,” states Sylvia.

Gregory Sylvia Collection

Meet the Visionaries: Terri “Sylvia” and Gregory Pope

The Popes started their journey in the online handbag and accessory business with their collection, Gregory Sylvia in May of 2010 after realizing that God was connecting dots all along and illustrated the need to start using their talents to jump start this business.

Gregory goes on to add that “Some things are bigger than you! You have to literally walk in it [your purpose] even when you do not see what God is doing.”

Originally, their line was geared towards the Greek collection to cater to members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, in which Sylvia is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. However, a year ago, the couple was led to re-brand the Gregory Sylvia line as an executive chic brand that caters to women and represents their emitting power and elegance.

Gregory Sylvia Collection

Executive Chic: Black Davenport Bag

While the line originally started as a brand for women, Gregory mentions that they will start to incorporate men accessories in the future to add to their collection. Their overall vision is to have a collection that is versatile, speaks to the masses, while remaining a lifestyle and timeless brand that only grows with times. This team is not into trends, but focuses their time and efforts on quality.

The Gregory Sylvia Colelction was also created to bridge the gap between the consumers and producers in today’s economy. Sylvia and Gregory saw the need to produce a product that was their own because African-Americans are known as one of the largest consumers in the economy, yet they account for a small percentage of businesses on a national and international level. However, with businesses like Gregory Sylvia, the number of minority-owned business should continue to rise in years to come.

Gregory Sylvia Collection

Devereux Wallet

This line is representative of a movement and a legacy–for that matter that will serve the next generations to come. The Pope’s vision is to carry on the brand to their children and have them grow up witnessing the process and sharing in the overall success.

During the interview, the couple also spoke about how they recently had a baby literally eight weeks ago and are finding ways to juggle the new edition to the family, along with business.

“Our advice is to let go and let God literally when you have a dream. We noticed in the business that there was more of Him and less of us. Remember that whether a business or a baby, there will always come challenge and initial doubt, but do not dwell in that place. BELIEVE!” -The Popes

Gregory Sylvia Collection

Ellington Wallet with ‘Billie Cuff’ made by Jewelry Designer, Billie Hilliard

In an effort to show their gratitude and to pay homage to the media supporters in the community who have been instrumental in getting the word out about their collection, Gregory and Terri “Sylvia” Pope held a Media Appreciation Mixer at Coze Event Space in Atlanta this past weekend.

The event featured bloggers, KiSheyna Durham of, Dea Win of, Jewelry Designer, Billie Hilliard of, publicist Katrina Highsmith, bloger Nikka Shae of, blogger Elle Sees of, Parker Simmons of Everyday, and model Kenya Thomas, along with being present.

Gregory Sylvia Collection

While the Gregory Sylvia Collection is headquartered out of Charlotte, North Carolina, they are also an online boutique.

For more information on how to stay connected to the Gregory Sylvia Collection and make purchases, feel free to visit and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @GregorySylvia. Do not forget to like their Facebook page @