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Legend has it that hair can be revitalized using oil-based products!

Well this is no longer a myth, it is a reality. The makers of SoftSheen-Carson, which is a by-product of L’Oreal USA Inc. have created a line by Optimum entitled Amla Legend. With this product, it has been proven that you can repair over two years of hair damage in approximately two weeks when using the entire line simultaneously.

The makers of Amla Legend have spent time researching the ingredients that go into making a customary product. This product has origins that trace all the way back to India. The Amla Oil derives from an Indian super fruit that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

On Saturday, May 10th, 2014, was invited out for the Amla Legend’s Legendary Style Soiree held at the Westside Cultural Arts Center here in Atlanta. The event featured world-renowned actress, Tracee Ellis Ross and Celebrity Hairstylist to our First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and SoftSheen-Carson’s Artistic Style Director, Johnny Wright, along with introductions from Mezei Jefferson, SoftSheen-Carson’s Director of Education.

Johnny Wright and Tracee Ellis Ross

Celebrity Stylist, Johnny Wright and Actress, Tracee Ellis Ross

During the intimate interview, Ellis Ross provided her personal hair care tips. She is one of few celebrities that styles her own hair and enjoys it. She was able to provide real-life tips, especially for naturalistas!

“If a product goes into my skin, it can go into my hair!” –Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee and Johnny discuss SoftShee-Carson Products

Curl Talk discussions with Amla Legend Products

This event was unique in that it provided hands-on tester stations, so that attendees could try out the product on their skin and determine how it felt against their hand and they could also smell it as well.

Amla Oil Display

Amla Legend Oil and Product Testing Station

Elle Smells Amla Oil

Elle enjoys the smells of Amla Oil

Amla Legend has a few key products that could all be used together as a routine hair regimen. These include: Amla’s Rejuvenating Oil, Body Filler Hair Wash and Hair Cream, along with Billion Hair Potion. Not to mention, the line also features a black hair color that is oil-infused, so it will not strip or dry your hair. The color is proven to last up to 28 washes and comes in three shades which include natural black, jet black, and natural dark brown.

Carmen Ortiz-Tello, Senior Manager, Marketing Consumer Product Division for Soft-Sheen Carson confirms that a great deal of research has gone into making these products. She primarily uses the Amla Black-Oil Hair Color for herself and due to the oil-based line, it sets this line apart from the rest.

Ellis Ross also goes on to say that as we grow in age, we have to grow with our hair and find out styles that fit our hair texture. She noticed a significant change in her hair from her 20s up to her now 40s. But she learns to embrace her hair at every age and every stage. She notes that the key to natural hair is keeping it moisturized.

Wright also makes an indelible observation regarding women and the state of their tresses.

“A woman’s hair is the first thing you hear before she speaks. It tells a lot about your personality. Hair is a language. If it’s not moving, it has no voice!” -Johnny Wright

Together, Ellis Ross and Wright agree that healthy hair is happy hair because hair is delicate. While trends are popular and many get caught up in following them. Wright states, we don’t follow trends and Ellis-Ross states, “Nope. We don’t follow trends but we follow Johnny Wright!”

"We Don't Follow Trends!"

“We don’t follow trends!”

Wright leaves us with inspirational words of encouragement regarding owning your hair with confidence. These words were also included in each gift bag that was given to attendees, “Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Be YOU!”

Tracee Ellis Ross and Johnny Wright Discussions

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