CLIP: Iyanla Reveals a Classic Relationship Mistake to Karrueche
While Karrueche expresses her belief that Chris’ hurtful behavior illustrates he is in need of love, Iyanla reveals the common mistake Karrueche and many women make when taking on the responsibility of healing a man’s wounds.

CLIP: Karrueche Tran Discusses Her Side of the Highly-Publicized Reunion of Chris Brown and Rihanna
During Christmas 2012, the reunion of Chris Brown and Rihanna courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers game set the internet on fire. Karrueche shares her side of that reunion, while Iyanla helps her recognize the false truths she told herself regarding the nature of Chris and Rihanna’s relationship.

CLIP: Karrueche Tran Explains Why You Won’t See Her Air Relationship Details on Social Media Again
Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have millions of social media followers and the public has often had a front seat to the two battling it out for the world to see. Karrueche and Iyanla discuss Karrueche’s past mistakes of sharing the ups and downs of her relationship on social media.


Karrueche’s Best Friend Christina Milian Makes a Special Appearance

Iyanla: Fix My Life

Iyanla Vanzant meets with Karrueche Tran
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Los Angeles – Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran sits down with spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant for an OWN primetime television event. For the first time, in an emotional heart-to-heart, Karrueche shares her deeply personal story following her recent high-profile breakup with the singer.

With more than two million Instagram followers and more than 600,000 Twitter followers, Karrueche’s personal life has played out in a very public way. With Iyanla’s help, Karrueche sets the record straight and reveals to viewers a side of herself that has never been seen before — very different than the one depicted on social media.

Karrueche talks candidly with Iyanla about life in the spotlight, as well as her relationship with Chris Brown and subsequent breakup after he allegedly fathered a child with another woman. Best friend Christina Milian provides Iyanla another perspective on Karrueche’s situation.

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