Once again, was the ONLY media outlet of faith on the green carpet at the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards. At the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards I interviewed the publisher of The Source Magazine (Londell McMillan) and their Editor-In-Chief (Kim Osario). They told me they were glad to see someone from the faith community talk to attendees about faith because no one else was.

You never know where someone is in their life. On the outside, they may look like they’re well put together. On the inside they could be in turmoil. I purposefully attend events like this to open up the conversation about faith. Everyone isn’t called to this lane. Some would end up beating them over the head with a bible and turn their nose up instead of showing love and having a real conversation. You’d be surprised…sometimes the ones you think don’t know Christ are the ones who actually do. Sometimes the ones you think know Christ, surprisingly don’t.

Kim G with Nelly, MC Lyte, Dee 1

This year I talked to Nelly, MC Lyte and new cypher inductee Dee 1. Check out what they had to say about our question, “Why Is Faith Important?”

“Faith is what takes you to another plateau…” – Nelly

“Without faith, what is there…??” – MC Lyte

“Without faith you’re like what we call in New Orleans an ‘untamed gorilla’, you’ll be wilding in these streets…” – Dee 1