Russell Wilson and Ciara choses abstinence

Russell Wilson and Ciara choses abstinence

We can never hear about this enough. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was part of a recent Q&A session at The Rock Church with pastor Miles McPherson in San Diego. The discussion about his personal life surfaced with Wilson explaining how he and Ciara plan to practice abstinence until they’re married.

Russell Wilson and Ciara Chose Abstinence

Here’s what he had to say:

“God has called us to do something spectacular. If you an love someone without that [sex], then you can really love them. She’s everything you could ever want. I met her 5 or 6 months ago. The funny thing is, I told someone, ‘That’s the girl I want to be with’, before I met her.

She’s been through some heartache. I’ve been through some heartache too. I was married before to the person I was with in high school, since I was 15 years old. I just trusted God would do the healing process. I really had to focus on walking in the spirit and living in it. Then I met Ciara.

While she was on tour, I was sitting in the dressing room looking at her in the mirror. I clearly heard God say, “I need you to lead her”. We had a talk about it and decided to do it God’s way.”

Honestly, this decision isn’t far fetched. Ciara’s debut album in 2004 was Goodies, a song about being abstinent. It can never be overstated as to how much grace and anointing your relationship gains by remaining sexually pure.

Watch then full video below as Russell tells about his love for Ciara and why they chose abstinence.