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Thank you for your interest in JubileeMag.com! We’re an online, faith-based mag headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Our tagline is “Truth.Culture.Style.” We have a multicultural audience of cool 18-34 year olds, who are thirsty for a better life and won’t accept dead religion as the answer. Like our readers, we have the mindset of “come with the truth or don’t come at all.” JubileeMag.com ignites a solid network of national and international audiences, all fervently on one accord with the same mind, purpose and love.

The name JUBILEE is equivalent with the phrase “total-life prosperity”, which is the ability to prosper in every area of life. This begins with your spiritual well-being, then your mind, finances, family, body, and more. It’s about living the life you’ve always wanted. (Ezekiel 46:17)



Writers who can communicate with freshness, clarity, conciseness, and insight will receive serious consideration. We want our readers to “see” themselves in the articles we publish and easily get the answers they need.

We strongly urge writers who are interested in contributing to become thoroughly acquainted with our website. JubileeMag.com attracts believers and non-believers, therefore the content must be easy to understand, clear, change provoking and able to hold its own on amongst secular magazines.

We are here to edify and build up our readers by presenting articles with a positive and encouraging tone. Due to the prominent standards and integrity of JubileeMag.com, all submissions received will be pending approval before publishing. Editors reserve the right to reject any article that does not support the magazine’s purpose.



JubileeMag.com is categorized in 3 sections: Truth, Culture & Style. We are also looking for recurring “expert” columnists. Just check out our categories and let us know where you’d fit.

Truth: This section focuses on topics individuals need to know the biblical truth about: dating, marriage, family, college, single life, manhood, growing up, worship, relationships, life with God, etc.

Length: 500-800 words.

Culture: We cover everything that impacts the culture of our generation. Music, movies, books, events, trends, TV, film, arts, politics, technology, finance, entrepreneurship, careers, etc.

Length: 300-500 words.

Style: This section focuses on fashion, style, cars, homes, health, fitness, beauty, travel, etiquette, etc.

Length: 300-500 words.


Listed below are the article idea and article submission guidelines. You do not have to send an article idea before sending in the article. Submissions to JubileeMag.com are on a volunteer basis (byline and bio are compensation).


1. A brief summary describing the article idea (maximum of 5 sentences).

2. Suggested length and date the article will be completed.



1. Send submissions as Word attachments, typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt.

2. The top left of the first page should include the author’s name, phone number, email address and the word count of the article. Include a one-two sentence bio.

3. Please double-check spelling and grammar before submitting. All articles may be edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone.
Email all content to Kim Ford at kim@jubileemag.com. Please allow up to 3 days regarding the approval of your article idea or article. Thank you for your interest in contributing to the publication that is transforming our generation. Together, we are re-building the image of God to the world!

Kim Ford, Founder & Publisher
Twitter: @JubileeMagazine and @KimFordMedia
Voted 2010 ‘Independent Magazine of the Year’